Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to buy a boat

How to buy a boat?

Motorboat or sailing, competition or pleasure?

The first question to be answered is: I want a boat or a sailboat? A sailboat requires more technical knowledge, and shakes a lot, in small spaces such as bays, is slower.
A racing speedboat , for example, is different and more expensive than a leisure boat. But that choice is a personal matter. Therefore it is important to know one and analyze the other to form your taste. Once that's done you need to know what you're willing to spend on the purchase and maintenance of the new boat.

Investment, maintenance, qualification.

The initial investment is easy to calculate. What needs to be thought of is the cost of maintenance, which includes insurance, fuel, sailor. The space to store the boat in a marina can be public or a yacht club: both charge rent. At the club there is the monthly fee. The dock can be dried, which preserves more the boat hull, or wet (in water), which affects the resale value. A good sailor is also essential to keep the boat in order.
New or used?

The final decision to be made by the buyer is to choose a new or used boat. A new boat can be found in nautical magazines, trade shows, internet and specialized brokers. Used boats can also be searched in magazines, but the best place to find them is even in marinas and yachts clubs.
A boat is so demanding. It's not like a car, that even after five months stopped still works perfectly. It takes constant attention and maintenance, either boat or sailboat.

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