Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tips for buying fishing boats

An ancient and humorous adage says that there are two happy days in the life of a boat owner: "the day that he buying it and the day he sells it."

Thus in most cases where little weighted decisions rapidly converted into severe headaches, but does not necessarily have to be like this forever.
There are half a dozen simple questions to consider when we undertake to purchase a fishing boat, leisure boat or both.
I want a boat for?
What kind of use will give to the boat?
How often I will you use the boat?
Where will I sail with my boat?
How many people usually will accompany me?
How much money will cost the boat I want to buy?
How much money will cost each year to keep the boat I want to buy?

The question "Where do I sail with my boat" essentially concerns with the size, the type of boat hull and engine.
If we want to give it a use in navigation in rivers or along the coast, say up to a 3 nautical miles from any boat of 4.00 meters in the service will be done right. If the opposite is what we intend to navigate the 10, 12, 20 or even 25 miles from the coast, so we will have to think about a boat length between 6.00 and 8.60 the meters. Above that is the taste and the availability of funds for each.

Finally the cost of maintaining the boat. Here we must include all items as stay in Marina, revisions of engines, paintings (2 times a year), and replace zincs and anodes, and their crane values ​​ to remove and put the boat in the water, insurance,  Taxes.

You always have the option of using a trailer to haul your boat and not parking in Marina, but there are so many  annoyances, lack of ramps in full working order, the wait time on weekends in the summer, the place to save the boat, which will end or not to walk on the boat many times as want, or get upset him permanently.