Friday, March 1, 2013

3 world's most popular ships

3 world's most popular ships according to the magazine Cruise Critic:

1) Oasis of the Seas, from Royal Caribbean International

Opened in 2009 and with a capacity for 5,400 passengers, Oasis of the Seas is the largest The liner is considered a revolution in design, and magazine highlights the existence of an outdoor theater, the AquaTheater.

The publication also draws attention to a corridor outdoors to the fullest extent of the boat and indoor surf simulator.

2) Allure of the Seas, from Royal Caribbean International

From the same class of Oasis and with the same passenger capacity, the Allure of the Seas is younger than his brother.

The review highlights that both offer unique services but that Allura includes unique features, like the first Starbucks onboard a cruise, a snack bar exclusive for hot dogs and a Broadway show.

3) Carnival Dream, from Carnival Cruises

The Carnival Dream, Carnival Cruise Line's, has capacity for 3646 passengers and was opened in 2009.

According to Cruise Critic, an intriguing blend craft and inventive blend of ancient ships, as Cove Balconies and Ocean Plaza, and an outdoor space with pools and comfortable chairs.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A boat like the Louvre pyramid

The Monaco Yacht Show never disappoints. The best example of megayachts per square meter in the world has this week in Port Hercules the latest developments in the nautical industry for more than 30,000 professionals.

This edition highlights especially the project developed by Mercedes Benz Silver Arrows Style and Marine (SAM). It is a 14 meters boat  that combines the classic designs of the sports car brand with innovative features hitherto unknown in the nautical industry.

The project is coordinated by the prestigious designers Martin Francis  and Tommaso Spadolini. They are the same engineers involved in the construction of mega yachts as Andrei Melnichenko A or the glass pyramid of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

It is estimated that the boat will go on sale for a price of around one million euros.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Volvo Ocean Race says goodbye to Lisbon

The six boats arrived in Lisbon on May 31 in what was the debut of the Volvo Ocean Race in Portugal.

After 11 days in the portuguese capital, the teams dropped this afternoon towards the next stage which will take place in Lorient, France.

 Yesterday the ship Groupama won the inshore race of Lisbon putting the lead up that had over other teams.

In the overall standings, Groupama leads with 189 points, Telefonica is second with 181, Puma has 176, CAMPER 166, 107 Abu Dhabi 107 and Sanya 34.

 Luís Figo former soccer player lived a unique experience when jump from Abu Dhabi to the river Tagus before the UAE sailboat leave Portugal.

 In Lisbon goodbye the yachts passed in front of the school ship Sagres which, 'welcomed' the thousands of people who were on the river. The Volvo Ocean Race will finish on July 7 with tthe race inshore in Galway, Ireland.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tips for buying fishing boats

An ancient and humorous adage says that there are two happy days in the life of a boat owner: "the day that he buying it and the day he sells it."

Thus in most cases where little weighted decisions rapidly converted into severe headaches, but does not necessarily have to be like this forever.
There are half a dozen simple questions to consider when we undertake to purchase a fishing boat, leisure boat or both.
I want a boat for?
What kind of use will give to the boat?
How often I will you use the boat?
Where will I sail with my boat?
How many people usually will accompany me?
How much money will cost the boat I want to buy?
How much money will cost each year to keep the boat I want to buy?

The question "Where do I sail with my boat" essentially concerns with the size, the type of boat hull and engine.
If we want to give it a use in navigation in rivers or along the coast, say up to a 3 nautical miles from any boat of 4.00 meters in the service will be done right. If the opposite is what we intend to navigate the 10, 12, 20 or even 25 miles from the coast, so we will have to think about a boat length between 6.00 and 8.60 the meters. Above that is the taste and the availability of funds for each.

Finally the cost of maintaining the boat. Here we must include all items as stay in Marina, revisions of engines, paintings (2 times a year), and replace zincs and anodes, and their crane values ​​ to remove and put the boat in the water, insurance,  Taxes.

You always have the option of using a trailer to haul your boat and not parking in Marina, but there are so many  annoyances, lack of ramps in full working order, the wait time on weekends in the summer, the place to save the boat, which will end or not to walk on the boat many times as want, or get upset him permanently.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seventy years after Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona still cries

On December 7, 1941, the USS Arizona was sunk by Japanese aircraft during the attack on Pearl Harbor

Seventy years after Pearl Harbor, you can see the oil still leaking from the wreck of the USS Arizona, the giant battleship sunk by Japanese aircraft, something that for many represents the tears of thousands of sailors who went down with the ship in that day of "infamy".

On December 7, 1941, early in the morning, Japan awakened the "sleeping giant" American bombing the Pacific Fleet anchored in Hawaii. In two hours, about 20 ships were sunk or damaged and 164 planes destroyed. Denouncing "a date that will forever be marked in history as a day of infamy," President Franklin Roosevelt declared war on Japan, changing the course of World War II at a time when many people expected the country to escape the conflict

2,400 of the Americans who died at Pearl Harbor, nearly half, exactly 1177, were killed in a matter of seconds aboard the USS Arizona when a bomb detonated the ship's munitions depot, causing a conflagration that burned for three days . Today, the ruins are still visible, one of the towers rusted beyond the surface, with an American flag hoisted. Every day, hundreds of visitors came to watche a memorial in the form of a bridge over the wreckage.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Found remains of a British boat

A U.S. company specializing in the recovery of shipwrecks said he found the remains of a British ship believed to be carrying a huge load of money when it was torpedoed during the First World War.

What remains of the SS Mantola is sunk about two thousand meters in the North Atlantic, off the coast of Ireland.

The papers suggest that silver is now worth aboard some 19 million dollars.

It is the second important finding in the area for the salvage company Odyssey Marine Exploration. Last month he found a wreck of the Second World War, which is believed to contain 200 tons of silver, worth more than one hundred million dollars.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Luxury Boats

A luxury Boats builder has reduced its workforce by a quarter as it invests $300,000 in a new computerised cutting and milling machine.

Marchwood-based Discovery Yachts said it had laid off 20 staff who had come to the end of fixed-term contracts started earlier this year and let eight permanent staff go.

It insisted that the cuts were due to the “natural peaks and troughs of the boatbuilding cycle”.

The company, which builds about ten of its £800,000 to $ 3m blue-water cruising yachts each year, said that it was scaling down after delivering three new boats in September.
It has retained more than 70 staff and has four Discovery 55s in production and is about to start the first of its new design Discovery 57s, announced at the recent PSP Southampton Boat Show .

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Speed boats

Speed boats